Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal - Jamshedpur
The science of Yoga is a part of the ancient lifestyle & culture of India. On the strength of this science, thw Indian people lived happy, prosperous and healthy lives. When yogic science declined, their spritual fortunes also declined and they became unhappy and unhealthu. Performing ritual, worship & virtuous actions bestows peace, while thw practice of YOGA confers spritual wealth, prosperity & health. Every individual should practice yoga to attaib wellbeing, vitality, sucess and good health.

Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal - Jamshedpur

Affiliated to Bihar School of Yoga, Munger & Jharkhand Yoga Association
Regd. No: 1395/2011/12, Registered under Society Act 21/1860

Jamshedpur Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal was formed as a branch of BAL YOGA MITRA MANDAL MUNGER , on the sacred occasion of Akshaya Tritiya i.e. 27th april 2009, at Recreation Club Tube Baridih Jamshedpur . This organization’s mission is to impart yogic education to children, by children. therefore the educational and administrative works of this organization is headed by the young children themselves. Apart from normal children, special kids i.e. Deaf and Dumb, Physically and Mentally challenged children are members of this group. Working together and regular interaction induces a sense of responsibility, leadership and developed confidence among every child at B.Y.M.M.. Integration of traditional knowledge with modern concept is the foundation of Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal’s guiding principle.

In taking forward the objective toward Corporate Social Responsibility, the Welfare Trust of Tube Division, TATA STEEL has played a positive role in Various community development activities, one of which is the support extended to the Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal, affilated to Bihar School of Yoga, Munger & Jharkhand Yoga Association

Besides Yoga , every Sunday classes of spoken English, Computer, Fine Arts, Chanting of Mantras are held in the morning. Recitation of holly verses and reading of holly books like Ramcharitramanas and Bhagvad Gita, instills a sense of pride in our cultural heritage among the members. To devlope a sense of selfless service, charity programs are held at various places, where food grains, cloths are donated to the deprived by our members.


Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal
M-18, Tube Colony
Tube Baridih,
INDIA - 831017


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